Very last day of work for the summer! It was a great experience, awesome staff, I’m going to miss it! #RIT #summercamps

Beautiful sky this morning! #nofilter

One of the rare times I’m up to see the sunrise!

Day 49: and now to wrap up my #49days project, this was taken while flying to Chicago.

Day 48: my backyard as seen from the roof. #49days

Day 47: the required picture of fireworks on the fourth of July! #49days

Day 46: a huge moth that hung around the boys’ dorm at DTL for a few days. #49days

Day 45: got this on a hike I did while at DTL. #49days

Day 44: abandoned gas pump at Cispus. The area was built by the job corps in the 1960a.d. #49days

Day 43: this is what the current logo of DTL and Cispus is based on! #49days